We use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Vegetables are purchased frequently and in small quantities to ensure peak freshness. The steak is sterling silver black angus. We do not add sugar to any of our dishes - only Madeira wine, sake, and a little bit of fruit. Our entire menu was created using traditional and homemade recipes, many of which were developed over a campfire.

Our wine list is all old world wine with a predominant focus on Portugal, Spain, and France. All of our wines are hand-selected by chef-owner Rafael, who has developed a personal relationship with many of the wineries he showcases. Much of the menu focuses on smaller wineries that are organic, sustainable, or bio-dynamic certified or practicing.

The Gomi Story

Rafael's passion is for making food for friends and introducing them to the wines he likes to collect and drink. After retiring, he decided to take that passion and open Gomi. Around the fall of the opening year, Kaley happened to walk by and see a rickety old chalkboard sign advertising happy hour. She noticed hiking gear and trail maps and decided to ask the bar tender about it...the bar tender was Rafael! After many glasses of wine (and perhaps a cheese board) it was decided that Kaley would go ice caving with Rafael the very next week. Yes, Kaley met a stranger in a bar and readily agreed to go into the mountains with no cell signal after only meeting a man ONCE. As it turns out, there was no murder in the mountains, and Kaley and Rafael became steadfast friends and hiking partners. Which brings us to 2020. Oh 2020, how we all loathe your entrance into the world. Kaley was managing at a large restaurant in SoHo when the big shut down arrived. Jobless and with nothing to do, she spent most days essentially quarantining at Gomi with Rafael. Through the kindness of many friends and regular customers, they were able to survive by taking donated money to make meals for hospital workers. A small operation turned into a much larger one when a friend of Kaley's invited Gomi to scale up the small operation to feed even more people every day by partnering up with World Central Kitchen. It was hard assembly line work from pre-dawn until late into the evening, but it was worth it to keep the lights on and the kitchen employed. Over the course of the next year and a half, Gomi prepared nearly 20,000 meals to emergency workers, hospitals, and covid vaccine sites. Although working full time at Gomi through the pandemic, Kaley officially joined in as partner at the beginning of 2022. After a quick renovation, Gomi was re-born. It's certainly good to be back in full swing, and both Rafael and Kaley look forward to serving you soon!

A little bit more about us...



Prior to Gomi, Rafael would often cook multi-course meals for his friends and it became his dream to create a space where he was able to share his wine and food with others.


Born in Korea but raised in Brazil (half of that time spent in São Paolo’s Japan Town), Rafael’s international background comes across in his food, music, and wines.  His ability to speak five languages is as unique as dining with him, when it’s not unusual to have a Picanha steak, bibimbap, and a Portuguese red wine.


You’ll often find Rafael behind the bar at GOMI or serving you personally. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation about food, hiking, dogs, or wine.

When not at Gomi, Rafael likes to spend time hiking with friends.



Kaley is the "Jack of all Trades/Master of None" kind of person here at Gomi. She has decades of professional experience in a variety of industries including (but certainly not limited to)  sales, tech, finance, and both retail and restaurant business management.

Originally from Michigan, Kaley has lived in what she calls the "Triple Crown" of cities: San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. After many years and lots of wandering, she has finally found where she belongs: Manhattan.


When not working at Gomi, Kaley likes to spend her time exploring the city, running, biking, and rock climbing. She's recently started to learn how to sail, and is out on Long Island as much as she can be throughout the summer months.



The restaurant is named after Rafael's dog, Gommy. The spelling was changed to to "G-O-M-I"  as it was easier to remember. 


Gommy was an 87 lb Japanese Akita who loved to hike as much as Rafael. He was known by many who hiked with Rafa, and is missed dearly. You can still spot a few photographs of him around the restaurant. 



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